Experience a vibrant all-season tranquility

Nestled between Vancouver and Calgary, Christina Lake promises tranquility like no other in a small town waterfront community all-year-round in British Columbia, Canada. At Eagles End Retreat Waterfront Cabins, get to immerse in a relaxing vacation away from the big-city hustle and bustle, while getting around the scenic lake and its surrounding gems.

Christina Lake is recognized as the warmest "tree-lined" lake in Canada with an average summer temperature of 24°C. From golfing, hiking to water activities and winter sports, as well as the small-town community culinary trails, Christina Lake, the best-kept secret in BC, attracts families and individuals from all over the world, including Canada and North America, with its relaxing vibes you will never forget.

Discover Christina Lake, its popular events and places of attractions during different seasons here.

Photo Credit: Ati Miguel Design Services